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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sole Sisters In the News!

"To say Robyn is obsessed with shoes would be an understatement."

My friend Robyn had the opportunity of being interviewed by ABC regarding her shoe obsession and JustFab membership! Check out the short video and let me know what you think.

Have YOU tried JustFabulous yet?

Read the full article by Patricia Lopez of ABC13 in Houston, TX.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sparkly Shoes

A while back, JustFabulous brought us the Cassidy glitter pump in black and gold. I am not a fan of gold so without second guessing it, I went right for the black.

Both colors sold out very quickly. Those who did not purchase Cassidy hoped that JustFab would restock them. Unfortunately, it isn't very often that JustFab restocks items. The reason for this is because styles and trends are constantly changing and they try to offer new items each month based on these trends. Well guess what? Glitter shoes are a trend for Fall 2011 and Cassidy in gold and bronze popped up in this month's JustFab boutiques.

Like I said I'm not really a fan of gold, but since I can't seem to get around not wearing it (hardware on bags, jewelry, etc) I've been trying to add a little more gold into my life. So the other day I snagged a pair of the gold ones. I figure that if I don't, they will sell out and I will wish I had!

I've never really been a fan of glitter because I think that it often looks tacky. However there is something about pretty, sparkly things - we can't get enough of them!!

Below are a few pictures of my black ones.

Monday, August 8, 2011

JustFab's Summer Shade Out Sale!

Remember those JustFab Barbados sunglasses that I gave away last month? For a limited time you can purchase any three pairs from JF's sunglasses line for just $39.95! This is a really great deal for UV protection sunglasses. Get them before they are gone!

Which ones are your style? I tend to favor the larger styles - Barbados, Montego Bay, and Bermuda!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Times!

I'm not feeling so well and I can't sleep, which is why I am up at 4:30am on Youtube watching videos from some of the channels I subscribe to. 

I just watched a video from JustFab's Style Night event last month. Check it out! You can catch a quick glimpse of Lisa and I at 0:34.

To read more about style night check out my original posts here, here, here, and here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Makeeda from JustFabulous

A few weeks ago JustFabulous surprised us by releasing a "shoe of the month". They were definitely right on target with this month's selection:  Makeeda is an affordable version of Christian Louboutin's Clou Noeud shoe. This CL shoe is particularly a favorite of mine and is at the top of my "If I Were Rich" wishlist!

I am really excited about these shoes. So excited, that although I am behind on my blogging (sorry!) and have a bunch of other shoes in line for pictures and blog posts, I decided to give Makeeda her much deserved VIP treatment and post about her first!

Sadly, I had to wait a little bit longer than usual to enjoy my new shoes. This is because I originally ordered my regular size and my toes were at the very edge (Which, I'm sure you are aware, is a definite no-no when wearing open toe or peep toe shoes). 

Makeeda in my regular size (showing my toes just a touch over the edge)
I exchanged both pairs for a half size up and that worked out well for me. I was afraid going up in size would cause the slingback strap to be loose, but it wasn't. The half size up fits perfectly!

Next weekend is my birthday and I have planned my outfit around the blush pair. They are my favorite because they are the perfect mix of girly and edgy. For the time being we will focus on those, but be sure to check back for additional pictures of the black ones.

The pictures on the left, where the shoes appear to be almost white, were taken with the flash. The pictures on the right were taken without the flash to give you a better idea of the true color of these shoes.

Makeeda has a 5" heel and a 1" platform. For those of you who don't wear such high heels - do not let the 5" discourage you from ordering these. They really are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in.

What do you think of Makeeda? I can definitely say that I am in love with these shoes! I am hoping that all future shoes of the month are as special as this one.

If you are interested in these shoes (or any other JF shoes you see on my blog) and are not yet a member of JustFabulous you can sign up here. There is no commitment to make a purchase simply by signing up. If you plan on purchasing from JF and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Look for Less: Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Slingbacks

Christian Louboutin's Lady Peep Slingback Pump in "Jade" is such a fun, seasonal shoe. They are perfect for this season's color blocking trend. If I had $895 to spend on shoes I would definitely have these in my closet.

Christian Louboutin pumps
Neiman Marcus $895

JustFabulous has done it again! Get the CL Lady Peep look for just $39.95 with JF's Jacoba. 
JustFabulous $39.95

Jacoba comes in two colors: turquoise/yellow/white or black/red/white. My favorite are the turquoise for obvious reasons.

If you are interested in these shoes (or any other JF shoes you see on my blog) and are not yet a member of JustFabulous you can sign up here. There is no commitment to make a purchase simply by signing up. If you plan on purchasing from JF and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Look for Less: Steve Madden Haylow

Last week, I showed you how similar Steve Madden's Haylow is to Sole Society's Anouk. 
Steve Madden Haylow

The SM version of the shoe [pictured above] usually retails for around $70, but now you can get a look-a-like from JustFabulous for just $39.95 with free shipping.

The JF version of the shoe [below] is called Edna. She comes in nude and black. The heel height is 5" with a 1/2" platform.

Photo via JustFabulous
In case you haven't heard, JustFab has made it easier to purchase a shoe that is not in your boutique. When you are on you boutique page, just above the shoes or bags there will be a search box on the right hand side. Simply type in the name and you will automatically be forwarded to the item's page. What I'm trying to say is head over to JustFabulous and look up the Edna if you'd like to see more pictures and full details. There is no need to call or do a live chat anymore!

*If you are interested in these shoes (or any other JF shoes you see on my blog) and are not yet a member of JustFabulous you can sign up here. There is no commitment to make a purchase simply by signing up. If you plan on purchasing from JF and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Look for Less: Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud 150 Studded Slingbacks

Christian Louboutin's Clou Noeud Studded Slingbacks are one of my favorite pairs of CL shoes.
Photo via Net-A-Porter

This morning I learned about a great pair of shoes from my friend Amanda Haverty-Harris (Thank you girl!). Makeeda are Louboutin look-a-likes that you can purchase at JustFabulous for only $39.95! They are available in black, blue, blush, and red. 

Photos via JustFab

These designer-inspired platform peep-toe slingbacks have a 5" heel and a 1" platform. I love them so much that I ordered two pairs! Which color is your favorite? 

If you are interested in these shoes (or any other JF shoes you see on my blog) and are not yet a member of JustFabulous you can sign up here. There is no commitment to make a purchase simply by signing up. If you plan on purchasing from JF and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.

I am giving away a pair of JustFab sunglasses! 
If you haven't entered yet, head over to the giveaway post now. Giveaway closes 7/6/77 at 11:59pm.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

JustFab's New Denim Line

Last night I attended JustFab's Style Night in Soho. We knew there was going to be a surprise revealed, but we never imaged that JustFab would launch their own denim line. That's right, their own line - JustFab's name is on the tag. These jeans come in several different cuts: Basic Boot, Super Straight, Fabulous Flare, and Slender Cigarette. There is a style out there for everyone.

PROMOTION!: Each pair of jeans from JustFab's line are regularly $39.95. If you act now you can score 3 pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes (select styles) for just $99!

I wanted to do a quick post now and let you in on the promotion, just in case you haven't heard. For the time being, here is a picture of Lisa and I, after we each tried on our first pair.

JustFab's Style Night was such a great time. Be sure to check back for details about the event and my review on the new denim line!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post title

LC by Lauren Conrad Top - $17 at Kohl's
(similar LC tops: here and here)
Bebe Shorts - No longer available, I've had them forever.
Massimo Blazer - $29.99 at Target
Urban Expressions Clutch - $19.99 at Marshalls stores

 Last night I had the opportunity to attend JustFab's much anticipated Style Night event. It was everything I had expected it be - and much, much more! We sipped on bellini's, were fed upscale appetizers and desserts, enjoyed an amazing fashion show, tried on denim, and took Digital PhotoBooth pictures. Everyone who attend had such a great time!

Lisa and I were lucky enough to be able to sit VIP at the show with Mia, Chanda, Sarah, and their guests. Shannon and the rest of the JustFab team are sweethearts. It was nice to see the familiar JustFab faces that I met at the W3 event and meet all the wonderful ladies I speak to on a daily basis! I wish they had a few more days in NYC, but unfortunately everyone had to get back home to their family and their jobs.

Mia, Chanda, Shannon from JustFab, myself, and Lisa
Top Row: Mia's guest Tee, Chanda's guest Octavia, Mia, Chanda, Lisa, Sarah
Bottom Row: Shannon, Myself, Stephanie


The fashion show was a great experience. Mia, Chanda, Sarah and the models in the show were all styled by celebrity stylist and chief stylist at JustFab, Jessica Paster. You can watch videos of the fashion show and other event highlights on JustFab's website or their Facebook page.

The new denim line was a hit! After the fashion show everyone was able to try on different styles and select a pair to take home with them. I am extremely happy with the style/color I chose and look forward to purchasing additional pairs. Thank you JustFab!

Kimmora Lee Simmons attended the show and even posed for a picture with JustFab's CEO the contest winners after the event!

For more information and photos of the event, see the following links:
If you aren't yet a JustFab member, what are you waiting for? There is no commitment to make a purchase by signing up. As a JustFab member you will receive amazing deals on shoes, handbags, and now denim. Plus a little birdie told me that there will be much more to look forward to in the near future!

Watch JustFab's Style Night Live!

Tonight, 06.15.11 at 7pm EST, JustFabulous will host their highly anticipated Style Night event in New York City. This event will mainly consist of a fashion show and the revealing of their new product line. The new product line is a complete surprise. What do you think the new line could be? What excites me the most about this event is the fact that I am going to finally get a chance to meet some of the ladies that I speak to on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that it will be tons of fun to take pictures on the pink carpet!

      video via JustFab

You can watch the event live on JustFab's website or on their Facebook page. During the event you can follow Twitter hashtag #JFStyleNight to see mobile updates from myself and other Style Night attendees.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Post title

Have you heard? Just yesterday, Shoe Lovers United hit 5,000 fans on Facebook! When I received an e-mail from Joyce with the news I was so excited. It had been a long time that I looked at the likes on that page, so I had no idea how many fans we gained over the past few months.

For the occasion, JustFabulous was generous enough to provide us with 5 credits to host a celebration giveaway or contest (we decided to do both)! To enter, simply upload a photo of yourself to SLU showing yourself wearing one of your favorite fashion items (from any retailer). We are going to select three winners based off of their photo/personal style and use a random drawing to select the remaining two winners. See more information such as rules and deadlines here: Our First Giveaway - 5 Winners for 5K Fans.

To view the entries, please check out our contest album on Facebook. I encourage comments and likes on these photos, as it will greatly help us select the winners. I want this contest to be fun, fair, and exciting!

If you have any questions about the contest do not hesitate to contact me at shoesnjules[at]gmail[dot]com.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Girls are Coming to New York City for JustFab's Style Night!

Remember when I posted Mia's entry for the JustFab Style Contest? Well guess what?! She is one of three grand prize winners who are being sent here to New York City to attend JustFab's Style Night! Thank you to all who voted for her, it was a tough competition and we are both very appreciative.

Mia decided to start a blog to document her trip to NYC! After the trip she will continue to blog about shoes and fashion. The name of her blog is ShoeDiva Treats.

Chanda is another friend of mine who won the contest. Congrats Chanda!!! The third finalist is Sarah, who I don't know so I sent her a message on Facebook to introduce myself. Both of these girls have blogs (Chanda's - 5Inches and Higher / Sarah's - Raving Fashionista) and it is always fun to connect with other bloggers! 

I am very excited to meet all three of these ladies!
Compliments of Lisa Covello - LN Designs Online

Not only do I get to meet the three lovely grand prize winners, but there will also be several other Sole Sister's attending this event. Some of them, such as Jasmine, live in the area. While Lisa, who lives in Ohio, will be staying with me. Lisa was one of the 15 finalists in this contest and although she didn't win the grand prize, she won 6 credits towards JustFab shoes and bags! YAY Lisa!

This is extremely exciting for all of us. Not only do we get to attend the fashion show, but we finally get to meet some of the people we speak to on a daily basis! I will be taking tons of pictures and video at the event so that I can report back, but in the meantime you can watch the event LIVE on Wednesday, June 15th on JustFab's Facebook page or at

Are you in the NYC area and attending the event? If so, please contact me so that we can meet up!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Look for Less: Stuart Weitzman Crocheted Ankle-Wrap Espadrilles

One thing that I definitely want to try and post more of are "Looks for Less". These are by far some of my most popular blog posts. I love them just as much as you ladies do! So you could imagine how grateful I am that my friend Jasmine tipped me off about another current JustFabulous shoe that looks almost identical to these Stuart Weitzman Crocheted Ankle-Wrap Espadrilles.

Neiman Marcus - $365

Callie also has crochet ankle straps and a raffia platform wedge. She comes in black, natural, and stone. You can get this summer staple for just $39.95 from JustFabulous!
Just Fabulous - $39.95

What do you think? I think that JustFab did a great job finding us yet another affordable, designer inspired shoe. Thanks JF!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Look for Less: Chunky Wooden Heel T-Strap Platforms

Platform Shoes with big chunky heels have been all over the place this spring. I'm going to show you three different, yet almost identical shoes that vary greatly in price.

I've had Jeffrey Campbell's Foxy Platform (as well as a few other JC shoes) on my wishlist for what seems like forever now. There are so many versions of this shoe. JC offers Foxy in various colors and prints (too many to name), different heels (wood, espadrille), and material (leather, suede, fur, etc). Pictured here are Foxy Wood in black.

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood $119.95 at SoleStruck
Jessica Simpson's Dany is an almost identical, and slightly more affordable version of JC's Foxy.
Jessica Simpson Dany $98

Both of the above shoes are very hard to come by, especially in the popular colors (except in large sizes).

Luckily, JustFabulous has brought us the Debbie shoe which is extremely similar to JC's Foxy and JS's Dany. 

JustFabulous Debbie $39.95

Debbie comes in brown and black. If you are interested in purchasing this shoe from JustFabulous you'd better act fast because it is already sold out in certain sizes!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Look for Less: Leopard Wedges

Look at these Steve Madden West II wedges. They are pure leopard perfection!

$199 at Steve Madden
I just love the huge chunky platform on these Steve Madden babies. IMO, this particular leopard pattern and the shades of the colors used make this shoe different than every other leopard print shoe out there, and therefore more desirable (to me anyway).

I know these aren't an exact match, but look at what I just found at JustFabulous!
$39.95 at JustFab
JF's Roxy were most likely inspired by Jimmy Choo's Penny wedge but I absolutely love SM's West II's so I had to share since the photo of those! :) They are all very similar though.

*If you are interested in these shoes (or any other JF shoes you see on my blog) and are not yet a member of Just Fabulous you can sign up here. There is no commitment to make a purchase if you sign up. If you plan on signing up and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JustFabulous June Selections: Shoes, Handbags, and Sunglasses

Being an Elite member at JustFabulous means that I get my selections 24 hours earlier than most, so I received my new boutique yesterday instead of today. I'm not going to lie, getting my selections early is exciting but it doesn't really help me much. It seems like every month I don't like any of my selections. That doesn't mean I am unhappy with JustFab. It just means that I have to work a little harder to find styles that I like!

Photo via my JustFabulous Boutique

Photo via my JustFabulous Boutique

See what I mean? I am not the slightest bit interested in one item here. 
Did you notice the Lyric bag? That was JustFab's 100K fan contest prize. Originally said they wouldn't be selling it, but they were able to get their hands on more and made it available for purchase. I am hosting a giveaway where the winner wins this exact heart clutch in silver.
One thing I like about JustFabulous is that they take their customers suggestions and concerns seriously. For some time now many have been asking to have the handbags shown with a model to get a better idea of sizing. I wasn't at all surprised when I saw the new setup for the Hautelist, which includes photos of models styled in latest trends and of course featuring JF shoes and bags.  
Photo via JustFab Hautelist

Photo via JustFab Hautelist
I think Callie is cute, but I just bought a raffia wedge sandal. Paso Doble might be a great work bag for me, but I already have a similar bag (which I LOVE by the way). Fate is also kind of cute, but I am going to pass on that one as well.

JustFab recently launched a line of sunglasses. Elites and VIP's get $10 off their first sunglasses order, which would make them just $29.99! Below are a three of my favorites in a few different colors. Can you guess which pair is on its way to me?

Clockwise from top-left: Montego Bay in white, Montego Bay in leopard, Barbados in pearl, Trinidad in silver, Barbados in black.

I will be "stalking" JustFab's Facebook page over the next few days while I patiently await my alternate selections. If I find anything good I will be sure to post!