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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work It! With Express

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of my go-to stores is Express for so many different reasons. Not only is their clothing affordable (not to mention constant sales and promo codes!), but Express carries a wide variety of styles. So no matter what the occasion, I know Express will have exactly what I need.

At my previous job I was able to dress casual for work every day. Now that I will soon be looking for a new job, I need to buy a "real" work wardrobe. More importantly, I need a suit to wear for future interviews. I need something that looks polished and professional but at the same time fits my budget. Which means I will be heading straight to Express.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love Chanel

Although I do love, want, and dream of Chanel bags, that isn't the kind of Chanel that I am referring to.

What I am referring to are my grey Chanel flats from Sole Society! Aren't they cute?

Friday, September 23, 2011


As you probably know - shoes, bags, and accessories have names (people names that is). About a month ago, a bunch of the girls and I were having a conversation about  shoes and other items that share our names. I mentioned that I've yet to see a shoe share any version of my name. Then something happened that made it seem as if these retailers were secretly members of our private groups and saw my post...

First came the Jules necklace from Belladazzle. This doesn't actually count because it was custom made for me and therefore, named after me. Thanks again Esther from Belladazzle! :)

Over at Shoedazzle, I came across a flat named Jules. Unfortunately, it wasn't very cute. Even if it was, I probably wouldn't have ordered anyway. Since I reopened my SD account a few months ago, I've only ordered two pairs of Converse and a jewelry box. One of the Converse were defective and the jewelry box was broken - I see that some things never change!

When September 1st rolled around and I logged on to Send the Trend, right there in my gallery was a beautiful watch named Jules. I was beyond excited. I immediately sent Joyce a text to let her know what I "found". We both ended up ordering it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is This Fashion?

Does anyone else find it kind of disrespectful of Nicki Minaj to show up at NYFW shows dressed like this?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sparkly Shoes

A while back, JustFabulous brought us the Cassidy glitter pump in black and gold. I am not a fan of gold so without second guessing it, I went right for the black.

Both colors sold out very quickly. Those who did not purchase Cassidy hoped that JustFab would restock them. Unfortunately, it isn't very often that JustFab restocks items. The reason for this is because styles and trends are constantly changing and they try to offer new items each month based on these trends. Well guess what? Glitter shoes are a trend for Fall 2011 and Cassidy in gold and bronze popped up in this month's JustFab boutiques.

Like I said I'm not really a fan of gold, but since I can't seem to get around not wearing it (hardware on bags, jewelry, etc) I've been trying to add a little more gold into my life. So the other day I snagged a pair of the gold ones. I figure that if I don't, they will sell out and I will wish I had!

I've never really been a fan of glitter because I think that it often looks tacky. However there is something about pretty, sparkly things - we can't get enough of them!!

Below are a few pictures of my black ones.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sole Society - 50% Off Groupon Deal (Offer Available Through 08.18.11)

Offer Expires 08.18.11 at 11:59PM PST
If you haven't tried Sole Society yet, now is the perfect time. Groupon is currently offering a deal where you pay just $25 for a pair of Sole Society shoes! If you are a returning visitor of my blog then you already know how much I love Sole Society. For those of you who do not, check out the reviews on this blog. Many of Sole Society's shoes are made with real leather and suede. Even the ones that are not are of superior quality. Their shoes are amazing!

If you aren't familiar with shoe clubs, I suggest reading this post before purchasing the Groupon. The post explains how shoe clubs work - FREE shipping both ways (in the event that you need to return or exchange), making a purchase or skipping by the 5th of the month, no commitment to make a purchase, etc. Just read the post! :)

Instructions for purchasing and redeeming your Sole Society Groupon:
  1. Purchase this deal from the Groupon/Sole Society deal page.
  2. You will then be table to print a voucher from your Groupon account (you don't really have to print it, you just have to open it and copy the code). 
  3. You can then head over to Sole Society and make an account (if you haven't already). 
  4. Next you would pick out a gorgeous pair of shoes (They can be found in your Sole Society closet, here on my blog by searching Sole Society in the search box at top right, on Sole Society's Facebook page, or on The Shoe Doctor's blog under the Sole Society tab).
  5. Enter the code from your Groupon voucher at checkout. A credit should then be placed in Sole Society your account, adjusting your order to $0.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Help Me Choose

Ok Ladies (and Gents?), I need your help. Last month I ordered the Moya flats from Sole Society. Two girls on the SS Facebook page told me that their Moya's were tight on them and that I should order a half size up. I did this, but when I received them they were too big. I sent them back with the intention of using my credit for another pair of Moya in my regular size.

Moya in blush (also comes in black) - I absolutely LOVE the metallic toe caps! I just don't see myself wearing them much in the fall and winter.

Unfortunately, now it is August and there are several other pairs I am interested in. What should I get? Should I be practical, since I don't have a job, and order the Moya flats? Or should I order Charlotte in black, Virginia in grey, or Catherine in lace with the intent of wearing them when I go out? - Which won't be very often.

Charlotte in black (also comes in taupe and red) - I don't own any similar heels similar to these. There is something about the caged design that I really like. They sort of remind me of a pair of Miu Miu lattice pumps that I have been pining over!
Virginia in grey (also comes in cobalt blue) - These are very pretty. On top of that, real suede for $49.95? Yes please!
Catherine in lace (also comes in leopard and glitter) - Although I am not a fan of pointy shoes, pointy is in for fall. What I really about them is that the lace is so feminine and pretty!

Ordering all of them is not an option right now. I only have one credit and can therefore only order one pair. What to do? Opinions please!?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Obsession - Send the Trend

My good friend Joyce recently made numerous purchases from Send the Trend. I love all of the items she chose. I've been a member for quite some time, but never made any purchases until last night. I ordered the Madeline Gray Ombre Scarf and the Electra Leather Bracelet. Both of these pieces will work well with my fall wardrobe. I will be sure to take photos and share them with you as soon as I receive the items. Read on to find out how you can score a buy one get one free deal from Send the Trend!

Both Joyce and I have Style Pages on Send the Trend. These pages contain our favorite items. It is like having our own personal accessories store that each of you can shop from!

You can help us out by nominating each of our pages. Please click the thumbnails below to be taken to our separate pages. Once you are on the page, you will see a "nominate me" button next to our style descriptions. By clicking that button you will cast your vote to keep us on the top stylist list (you can nominate more than one person).

Haven't tried Send the Trend? Groupon is currently offering a Send the Trend deal (available to new members only) where you pay Groupon $29 and you will receive a $60 promo code for Send the Trend. This translates to purchasing two items for the price of one!

Offer Expires August 14, 2011 at 11:59PM PST

Send the Trend is located in NYC, which means you won't wait long for my review. I should have the items in just a few days, so be sure to check back!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Times!

I'm not feeling so well and I can't sleep, which is why I am up at 4:30am on Youtube watching videos from some of the channels I subscribe to. 

I just watched a video from JustFab's Style Night event last month. Check it out! You can catch a quick glimpse of Lisa and I at 0:34.

To read more about style night check out my original posts here, here, here, and here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

JustFab's New Denim Line

Last night I attended JustFab's Style Night in Soho. We knew there was going to be a surprise revealed, but we never imaged that JustFab would launch their own denim line. That's right, their own line - JustFab's name is on the tag. These jeans come in several different cuts: Basic Boot, Super Straight, Fabulous Flare, and Slender Cigarette. There is a style out there for everyone.

PROMOTION!: Each pair of jeans from JustFab's line are regularly $39.95. If you act now you can score 3 pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes (select styles) for just $99!

I wanted to do a quick post now and let you in on the promotion, just in case you haven't heard. For the time being, here is a picture of Lisa and I, after we each tried on our first pair.

JustFab's Style Night was such a great time. Be sure to check back for details about the event and my review on the new denim line!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post title

LC by Lauren Conrad Top - $17 at Kohl's
(similar LC tops: here and here)
Bebe Shorts - No longer available, I've had them forever.
Massimo Blazer - $29.99 at Target
Urban Expressions Clutch - $19.99 at Marshalls stores

 Last night I had the opportunity to attend JustFab's much anticipated Style Night event. It was everything I had expected it be - and much, much more! We sipped on bellini's, were fed upscale appetizers and desserts, enjoyed an amazing fashion show, tried on denim, and took Digital PhotoBooth pictures. Everyone who attend had such a great time!

Lisa and I were lucky enough to be able to sit VIP at the show with Mia, Chanda, Sarah, and their guests. Shannon and the rest of the JustFab team are sweethearts. It was nice to see the familiar JustFab faces that I met at the W3 event and meet all the wonderful ladies I speak to on a daily basis! I wish they had a few more days in NYC, but unfortunately everyone had to get back home to their family and their jobs.

Mia, Chanda, Shannon from JustFab, myself, and Lisa
Top Row: Mia's guest Tee, Chanda's guest Octavia, Mia, Chanda, Lisa, Sarah
Bottom Row: Shannon, Myself, Stephanie


The fashion show was a great experience. Mia, Chanda, Sarah and the models in the show were all styled by celebrity stylist and chief stylist at JustFab, Jessica Paster. You can watch videos of the fashion show and other event highlights on JustFab's website or their Facebook page.

The new denim line was a hit! After the fashion show everyone was able to try on different styles and select a pair to take home with them. I am extremely happy with the style/color I chose and look forward to purchasing additional pairs. Thank you JustFab!

Kimmora Lee Simmons attended the show and even posed for a picture with JustFab's CEO the contest winners after the event!

For more information and photos of the event, see the following links:
If you aren't yet a JustFab member, what are you waiting for? There is no commitment to make a purchase by signing up. As a JustFab member you will receive amazing deals on shoes, handbags, and now denim. Plus a little birdie told me that there will be much more to look forward to in the near future!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Current Obsession: Lauren Conrad

Being a fan of the MTV reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, I have always loved Lauren Conrad. She has definitely come a long way from her days at Laguna Beach. Her style quickly evolved from California-casual to just the right mix of classic girl and trendsetter. Not only has her fashion sense changed, but she has also grown a lot career-wise. We could all learn a thing or two from this chick! Below are three of my favorite LC "projects":

Barnes & Noble - $11.10
1.  Lauren wrote the book Lauren Conrad Style in October 2010. I'm reading it now and wondering why I hadn't picked it up sooner. LC shares loads of amazing fashion tips and how-to's in this book: from organizing/cleaning out your closet and building a wardrobe, to topics such as altering your clothing and DIY jean washes. There is even a section dedicated to beauty with separate chapters on makeup and hair. I haven't yet made it to the last section on lifestyle, but I am sure it won't disappoint! I recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion, needs to revamp their closet, or simply needs a little guidance in creating their own unique look.

2.  Lauren's latest endeavor is The Beauty Department, which is not only a blog but also a community with lots of great information, tutorials, and much more. Below is their very first post. 

If you love talking about fashion, makeup, and hair this is a site that you definitely want to join. You can follow The Beauty Department on Twitter via @TBDOfficial and like them on Facebook here.

3.  I am loving the LC by Lauren Conrad collection sold exclusively at Kohl's. If you haven't checked it out yet you should - like right now. I won a Kohl's giftcard through a blog giveaway back in March. You can guess what I spent it on! I recently placed the order online and I'm impatiently awaiting the items to arrive. I will be sure to post pictures when they do!

I can't wait to see what Lauren has in store for us in the future. She is a stylish, talented, determined, and successful young woman with lots of potential, so who knows what she will accomplish next. Like I said we could all learn a thing or two from her!

I haven't checked these out yet, but if you are into chic-lit...

LC's series of novels - The L.A. Candy Series:
                         [ L.A. Candy ]                         [ Sweet Little Lies]                    [ Sugar and Spice ]
               L.A. Candy               Sweet Little Lies: An L.A. Candy Novel               Sugar and Spice: An L.A. Candy Novel

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoes and Jules on Facebook

Hello ladies! Would you be dolls and "like" the Shoes and Jules I created for my blog? It is important that I gain a certain number of likes so that I may access all of the features that the FB page has to offer!
Thank you it is very much appreciated! :)
Shoes N Jules on Facebook