Friday, September 23, 2011


As you probably know - shoes, bags, and accessories have names (people names that is). About a month ago, a bunch of the girls and I were having a conversation about  shoes and other items that share our names. I mentioned that I've yet to see a shoe share any version of my name. Then something happened that made it seem as if these retailers were secretly members of our private groups and saw my post...

First came the Jules necklace from Belladazzle. This doesn't actually count because it was custom made for me and therefore, named after me. Thanks again Esther from Belladazzle! :)

Over at Shoedazzle, I came across a flat named Jules. Unfortunately, it wasn't very cute. Even if it was, I probably wouldn't have ordered anyway. Since I reopened my SD account a few months ago, I've only ordered two pairs of Converse and a jewelry box. One of the Converse were defective and the jewelry box was broken - I see that some things never change!

When September 1st rolled around and I logged on to Send the Trend, right there in my gallery was a beautiful watch named Jules. I was beyond excited. I immediately sent Joyce a text to let her know what I "found". We both ended up ordering it!

Isn't she a beauty? How could I pass this watch up?
For just $29.99, I couldn't!

STT currently has five watches that are all pretty similar - they are all bracelet watches and boyfriend watches which are all the rage right now. The available watches come in a variety of colors - black, purple, tortoise, silver, and Lucite. You can view all of these watches via My Style Page.

By the way, did you know that you don't need to bring your watch to the jewelry store to have links removed? You can do it yourself! Kaitlin from STT was nice enough to e-mail instructions over to me. I modified the technique a little bit and tested it out. I was able to easily re-size my Jules watch without any problems! I took some pictures for you, so stay tuned for a how-to post.

Please nominate my style by heading over to My Style Page and clicking the "Love My Style / Nominate" button located in between my photo and the social media buttons. The points are set to zero on the 1st of each month, so if you have already nominated me last month then you are able to nominate me again, and again, and again each month! :) Thank you to all who have helped me out. Nominations and purchases translate to points which determine if I stay on the list of top stylists or not. If, by the end of the month, I am the top stylist I will win $500. If I win I promise to give away several Send the Trend items!

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