Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love Chanel

Although I do love, want, and dream of Chanel bags, that isn't the kind of Chanel that I am referring to.

What I am referring to are my grey Chanel flats from Sole Society! Aren't they cute?

More than a few ladies suggested going down a half size, but I am very happy that I didn't listen to their advice. I do admit that they are a lot looser than other flats that I own, but I am positive that if I went down a half size my toes would be hitting the edge. I will most likely be wearing my Chanel flats very often, so if my toes are constantly rubbing and pushing at the front of the shoes then they are going to wear faster than they normally would. Length-wise my regular size fits me. The thing is, I have very narrow foot and I believe Chanel is on the wider side - that is the reason they are slightly loose.

Besides not being big enough to go down in size, I do not even need to use inserts for a better fit. If you are going to order them, I recommend getting your regular size and using Foot Petals (or other inserts) for a more snug fit. I suggest using Foot Petal's Heavenly Heelz which are cushions for the back of your heels. You can also use FP's insole cushions - Killer Kushionz (3/4 insole) or Sexy Soles (full insole). If your shoes are slightly lose you will only need to use one kind, but if you have a lot of room you may want to consider using Heavenly Heelz with either Killer Kushionz or Sexy Soles.
The moral of the story is that my Chanel flats are my current favorite Sole Society shoe. They are comfortable, great quality, and obviously really cute! I love my first choice of grey, but am considering ordering the black as well. I am going to try to be responsible and hold off to see how many pairs I want when new styles are available on the 1st before I start ordering duplicates. 

*If you are interested in these shoes (or any other Sole Society shoes you see on my blog) and are not yet a member of Sole Society you can sign up here. There is no commitment to make a purchase simply by signing up. If you plan on purchasing from SS and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.

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