Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Help Me Choose

Ok Ladies (and Gents?), I need your help. Last month I ordered the Moya flats from Sole Society. Two girls on the SS Facebook page told me that their Moya's were tight on them and that I should order a half size up. I did this, but when I received them they were too big. I sent them back with the intention of using my credit for another pair of Moya in my regular size.

Moya in blush (also comes in black) - I absolutely LOVE the metallic toe caps! I just don't see myself wearing them much in the fall and winter.

Unfortunately, now it is August and there are several other pairs I am interested in. What should I get? Should I be practical, since I don't have a job, and order the Moya flats? Or should I order Charlotte in black, Virginia in grey, or Catherine in lace with the intent of wearing them when I go out? - Which won't be very often.

Charlotte in black (also comes in taupe and red) - I don't own any similar heels similar to these. There is something about the caged design that I really like. They sort of remind me of a pair of Miu Miu lattice pumps that I have been pining over!
Virginia in grey (also comes in cobalt blue) - These are very pretty. On top of that, real suede for $49.95? Yes please!
Catherine in lace (also comes in leopard and glitter) - Although I am not a fan of pointy shoes, pointy is in for fall. What I really about them is that the lace is so feminine and pretty!

Ordering all of them is not an option right now. I only have one credit and can therefore only order one pair. What to do? Opinions please!?

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