Thursday, July 21, 2011

Makeeda from JustFabulous

A few weeks ago JustFabulous surprised us by releasing a "shoe of the month". They were definitely right on target with this month's selection:  Makeeda is an affordable version of Christian Louboutin's Clou Noeud shoe. This CL shoe is particularly a favorite of mine and is at the top of my "If I Were Rich" wishlist!

I am really excited about these shoes. So excited, that although I am behind on my blogging (sorry!) and have a bunch of other shoes in line for pictures and blog posts, I decided to give Makeeda her much deserved VIP treatment and post about her first!

Sadly, I had to wait a little bit longer than usual to enjoy my new shoes. This is because I originally ordered my regular size and my toes were at the very edge (Which, I'm sure you are aware, is a definite no-no when wearing open toe or peep toe shoes). 

Makeeda in my regular size (showing my toes just a touch over the edge)
I exchanged both pairs for a half size up and that worked out well for me. I was afraid going up in size would cause the slingback strap to be loose, but it wasn't. The half size up fits perfectly!

Next weekend is my birthday and I have planned my outfit around the blush pair. They are my favorite because they are the perfect mix of girly and edgy. For the time being we will focus on those, but be sure to check back for additional pictures of the black ones.

The pictures on the left, where the shoes appear to be almost white, were taken with the flash. The pictures on the right were taken without the flash to give you a better idea of the true color of these shoes.

Makeeda has a 5" heel and a 1" platform. For those of you who don't wear such high heels - do not let the 5" discourage you from ordering these. They really are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in.

What do you think of Makeeda? I can definitely say that I am in love with these shoes! I am hoping that all future shoes of the month are as special as this one.

If you are interested in these shoes (or any other JF shoes you see on my blog) and are not yet a member of JustFabulous you can sign up here. There is no commitment to make a purchase simply by signing up. If you plan on purchasing from JF and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.


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