Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Look for Less: Faux Suede Platform Pumps

A few weeks ago my friend Stephanie posted some great finds on my Facebook page. I wanted to fill you in on these finds, but didn't want to do that until I had these items in hand and knew for sure they were worth purchasing. You may have already come across these items on another blog. This is because someone saw the pictures on my Facebook page and jumped at the chance to share them on her blog before I received them and had the chance to share them with you.

       Do you remember my post on the Kayla pumps from Sole Society?
Sole Society / Kayla Pump - $49.95

       You can't tell me that other than color, these pumps aren't identical.
See Review for Retailer - $30 (before discounts and other coupons)
Don't get me wrong, the Sole Society pumps are more expensive and made with better material, therefore they are better quality. On the other hand, the less expensive look-a-likes aren't too bad in the quality department - not to mention they are pretty comfortable! 

I ordered Kayla in both colors that Sole Society carried - coral and snakeskin. Had they offered more color options I would have definitely ordered several others. Both of these colors are back in stock, so if you are interested in purchasing the Sole Society version of these pumps you can check out my blog posts on them for photos and more information - Coral Kayla Pumps / Snakeskin Kayla Pumps.

To find out what retailer carries the more affordable version of these pumps and for the scoop on discounts and other coupons, please see my review post here.

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