Sunday, May 1, 2011

What are you ordering from JustFab this month?

Happy 1st day of May ladies! I love when the 1st lands on a weekend because I can spend ALL day looking at pictures of the new selections and getting everyone else's opinions. When the 1st ends up being during the week, I usually wake up an extra hour earlier than I normally would so I can spend time looking at my boutique/closet and everyone else's via the Facebook pages. Then I try to check back in at least once during the day but that isn't always possible. However since today is Sunday and I didn't go out last night it is a whole new ball game! 

I was up at 3am to check my selections. Since then I've spent plenty of time stalking the Facebook pages for additional styles that I am interested in. Here is what I found:

To be quite honest I am very disappointed with my JustFabulous selections this month - both shoe and bag. The past few months I haven't found anything in my own boutique. Everything I purchased was something I found on the Facebook page and requested to have added to my boutique...which is fine, but this month I haven't had luck with that either. There was only one single shoe that I am interested in and that is Constance which you've already seen in my May Preview Favorites post. I will call customer service to have her added to my boutique on Monday because I definitely need a closer look. I'm not sure how I feel about the hardwood floor look on the platform and heel. :)
For those of you who liked the Trixy pump this very similar shoe is called Mackenzie. In my opinion this one is much nicer, but I do tend to favor shoes with platforms. She comes in grey (which is so subtle in the photos that it looks nude), nude (which looks like blush to me), and brown. You can find Mackenzie under the HauteList tab in your JF boutique.

As far as bags go there are a few that I like, but I'm not sure if I would wear them. I hate to order stuff that just sits in my closet! For example - I'm not into crossbody bags but this turquoise bag called Alto is so cute! It also comes in beige. If I don't find anything else I may be ordering this one.

I also really like Fanfare but I would only wear the pink maybe once. I was hoping she came in a beige or nude as well, but she doesn't. The black is really cute, but about 90% of the bags I own are black so I can't purchase this one.

Hopefully I will find some additional items that I like in my alternates or one of your boutiques.

What do you plan on ordering from the JustFab May selections? If you haven't already, be sure to upload your boutique to the JF facebook page so we can all check out what they picked for you! You can also upload it below in the comments section of this post (you can see my boutique there as well).

If you are not yet a member and would like to sign up for JustFabulous you can do so here. If you are not familiar with shoe clubs please read my post on how shoe clubs work.


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