Friday, May 13, 2011

Office Supplies and Shoes

My boss tells me that I am obsessed with two things: office supplies and shoes. He sees countless shoe deliveries to my office, knows about my blog, can tell you about all the shoe clubs...all because he has been dealing with me and my obsession for years now! The office supply thing he sort of came up with on his own...since I'm the Office Manager, I am in charge of ordering office supplies and well..we use a lot of them so I order a lot!

Anyway, he was out shopping and saw something he just had to buy for me. He said it feeds both of my obsessions...

Isn't it cute? It looks adorable on my desk next to my pink mouse and pink clipboard. Maybe I do like cute office supplies just a little... hehe! :)

If you are interested in purchasing, you can find it on in pink for $15.96 or in red for $9.06.

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