Saturday, April 30, 2011

JustFab - May Preview Favorites

Although JustFabulous did do some sneak peaks, most of the items that caught my eye came from an Elite Member's boutique. The Elite Member's get their selections 24 hours before the other members. Come to think of it, I only found one shoe that I liked! Every other item is a bag.

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This is Constance. I like her a lot and I am hoping that she comes in more colors. I'm not at all interested in black right now, but if there aren't any other colors to choose from I think I will still purchase her. I love the platform - it certainly makes walking in them easier! 

These two bags are really cute, just not something I would normally wear. I love the colors! On the left in pink is Fanfare and on the right in teal is Alto.
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Although I never saw it before, Quickstep is a "Last Call" item for April. I am pretty sure I am going to order this one too.

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What are you favorite items so far? I can't wait for tomorrow!

You can sign up for JustFabulous here. If you aren't familiar with shoe clubs please read my post on how shoe clubs work before signing up.


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