Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Reasons I Decided to Start a Fashion Blog

I'm not your typical fashionista. To be honest, fashion was never my thing when I was younger. It's not that I didn't like nice clothes and amazing shoes (what girl doesn't?!) was more of the fact that at the time there weren't many affordable options out there. It wasn't until stores like Target, Forever21, and H&M came around that I started finding my own sense of style and cute clothing that I could actually afford! Several years later, instead of just a few good name brand items in my closet and not much else like I had in the past, my wardrobe is now filled with endless shoes and tons of fashionable clothing.

You may be wondering, if fashion isn't my passion then why did I start a fashion blog? Below are my top 5 reasons for doing so:

1. I always liked to write. Back in my elementary school days my favorite subject was English. If you ask my best friend Jackie, she can tell you that I always pictured myself growing up to do something with writing - whether it was an author, reporter, newscaster, or something else. As I grew older, I never pursued an education in writing and my life choices lead me in other directions. I never found of way to channel my dream while living the life I built. Blogging helps me to do this. Although I have to start getting back into the editorial part - it's been a while!

2. I absolutely love shoes. Most of my time online is spent looking at, talking about, and posting pictures of shoes. I frequent various Facebook pages and groups, such as Shoe Lovers United, JustFabulous, Sole Society - among others. However, my threads are lost amongst a sea of comments and pictures. I wanted to create my own, personal "scrapbook" of my shoes.

3. For a long time now I have been addicted to Bloglovin, where I found so many amazing blogs and incredible people. Some of the blogs I follow give me tons of inspiration for my own outfits, others give me great product reviews and tips, while others post impressive finds, deals, or promo codes, and many have awesome giveaways for their readers. All of these blogs contribute to my style and make me happy. I wouldn't have half of the items in my closet or know about half of the products, stores, brands, and events that I now know had it not been for all of the blogs out there. I want to be a part of that - I want to help other girls out there who are just like me!

4. I love my Sole Sisters! Over the past 2+ years I became extremely friendly with tons of girls I never even met - over time we grew to call each other Sole Sisters. I talk to many of these girls more than I talk to a lot of my good friends! Our love of shoes has created an amazing bond among us ladies and I would love to add more ladies to the mix. Blogging helps me network and reach tons of people that I never would have if they hadn't visited my blog.

5. I need a hobby! Although I am always, always, always busy.. I don't have any hobbies. If you are a blogger you already know that blogging takes up enormous amounts of your time, so in a way, it is the perfect choice for me because I don't need any others - I can commit to my busy work and personal life, my shoes, and my blog! Oh yeah and maybe my boyfriend too. ;)


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