Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Roundup!

It's the last day of April.. All of my Sole Sisters know what that means: New selections from the shoe clubs! For those of us who order every month (or twice a month, or 3, 4, 5+ times!) the last week of each month means impatiently waiting for our new closets and boutiques while searching the past months selections in sheer boredom. At least that's what it means for me anyway! Luckily over the past week the shoe clubs have given us sneak peaks of some of the May items. 

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  2. My favorite items from Sole Society previews: Sole Society - May Pre-Favorites
  3. Keep track of all your wants and finds: WantWorthy - A Universal Fashion Wishlist
  4. Hot Pink Pumps: Qupid Pumps at ShoeGlamm
  5. Want to know why I started blogging?: Five Reasons I Started a Fashion Blog
  6. My favorite pumps from JustFab: Malone from the W-3 Collection
  7. Do your feet hurt?: How to Make Your High Heels More Comfortable


JustFab - May Preview Favorites

Although JustFabulous did do some sneak peaks, most of the items that caught my eye came from an Elite Member's boutique. The Elite Member's get their selections 24 hours before the other members. Come to think of it, I only found one shoe that I liked! Every other item is a bag.

Photo via

This is Constance. I like her a lot and I am hoping that she comes in more colors. I'm not at all interested in black right now, but if there aren't any other colors to choose from I think I will still purchase her. I love the platform - it certainly makes walking in them easier! 

These two bags are really cute, just not something I would normally wear. I love the colors! On the left in pink is Fanfare and on the right in teal is Alto.
 Photos via

Although I never saw it before, Quickstep is a "Last Call" item for April. I am pretty sure I am going to order this one too.

Photos via
What are you favorite items so far? I can't wait for tomorrow!

You can sign up for JustFabulous here. If you aren't familiar with shoe clubs please read my post on how shoe clubs work before signing up.


Sole Society - May Preview Favorites

Over the past week the shoe clubs gave us a few sneak peaks of May items. Below are some items by from Sole Society that caught my eye:

Photos via Sole Society
I am almost 100% sure I am ordering the Accent shoe. These are only preview pictures, so I haven't seen all the views and don't know all of the details, but I am pretty sure that I love these shoes! If you are interested in them I suggest ordering them tomorrow when they are released or at least during the first week. I say this because tons of girls were asking about Accent on Facebook so she will definitely be a popular shoe and will most likely sell out.

Photos via Sole Society

Dash is another one of my favorites because it is a perfect basic pump. This shoe comes in cream and black. I've needed a new nude/cream pump since my Bettye incident with SD but haven't found one that I really liked. This one is definitely Jules-worthy! I suggest acting on this one quickly as well. Sole Society only gets a limited supply of each style. Every shoe doesn't always get restocked and/or "make it" to the next month so if there is something you really like its important that you order quickly.

Photo via Sole Society
That's right - BAGS! I don't know if this will be something that comes out in May, but a few weeks ago Sole Society uploaded this picture to their Facebook wall. I knew that bags would be coming because they hinted about it in March, but I wasn't sure when. I'm really excited about this one. I'm not really into buying "cheap" bags, but I can't afford expensive ones which means I am extremely picky when it comes to buying them. Sole Society's shoes are such great quality and gorgeous styles that I have no doubt whatsoever that I am going to love all of their bags! 

You can sign up for Sole Society here. If you aren't familiar with shoe clubs please read my post on how shoe clubs work before signing up.

*All shoes from this shoe club are made by Marco Santi and designed exclusively for Sole Society.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Sick as a Dog

My little sweetheart is sick! I feel so bad for her.  :(

Below are some pictures of her at happier times...

 I hope she gets better soon, I can't stand to see her like this! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

WantWorthy - A Universal Fashion Wish List

A new shopping site launched called WantWorthy. By signing up for a free account with WantWorthy you can keep track of your online finds in one place. Basically, it is a universal fashion wish list. With just one click WantWorthy allows you to save images, descriptions, links, and notes for items you want to save. To use the site you simply add the "I Want This" button to your toolbar (drag the link WW gives you after signing up to your toolbar and you are all set). When you see items you like you can click the button and it will be added to your WantWorthy account for later view, edit, or purchase.

The site is invite-only, but Shoes and Jules readers can sign up using the invite code shoesn01. 
WantWorthy is currently running a contest where selected users will win up to $500 worth of items from their wish list. To enter all you have to do is sign up and add items to your wish list.
The site is great for any shopper who wishes to be more efficient.  I think it is also great for fashion bloggers who need to keep track of recent finds. Let WantWorthy make your online shopping experience a little easier. It won't hurt to try it out!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shoes I Wore Last Night - Hot Pink Qupid Pumps

Last night I decided to wear my hot pink Qupid Neutral-01 pumps. I purchased these shoes in January and planned to wear them for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately there was an issue with my order so I never ended up receiving this pair until a month later! Because of this and the weather in NY these past few months they've been buried in my closet.

I purchased these pumps at - however I do not suggest ordering anything through this company.
The first pair I received was defective and it took weeks to get UO to accept the return and send out another pair. I had to contact the Better Business Bureau in order to get this exchange to happen. There have been plenty of others with similar issues. I suggest purchasing them from my friend's site, Shoe Glamm. At Shoe Glamm you will find these pumps for just $24.50! If you sign up for a VIP account with Shoe Glamm you will receive a $5 coupon toward a future purchase.

I styled these pumps very casual with dark skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a hot pink belt. I also had on a cropped leather motorcycle jacket that I grabbed on my way out the door. Since I was going for a casual look I didn't want to add much jewelry - I have on Forever21 faux diamond studs and a Betsey Johnson lips necklace. I wanted to wear my new hot pink watch with this combo, but I have to get some links taken off before I can wear it. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little embarrassed to go into the jewelry store and ask them to remove links from my plastic watch! :)

Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 $9.50
White V-Neck T-Shirt - H&M
Qupid Pumps - Shoe Glamm $24.50 
Hot Pink Belt - Merona at Target $12.99

Although my feet were in pain by the end of the night this was my very first time wearing these shoes and I had them on for about 5 hours where I was standing most of the time. After wearing them one more time they should be fine. Overall Qupid Neutral-01 is yet another comfortable sky, high pump! I will probably add Foot Petals Tip Toes to them for extra comfort, as I do with most of my pumps.


Dressed Up for Easter

Happy Easter!
Check out Vogue's "favorite incredible eggs". Out of these fashionable eggs my favorites were designed by Chanel and Jacques Torres. Not sure if it's the splatted paint on the Jacques Torres ones or the fact that their crème brûlée bars are my favorite chocolate around! Which eggs are your favorite?


Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Reasons I Decided to Start a Fashion Blog

I'm not your typical fashionista. To be honest, fashion was never my thing when I was younger. It's not that I didn't like nice clothes and amazing shoes (what girl doesn't?!) was more of the fact that at the time there weren't many affordable options out there. It wasn't until stores like Target, Forever21, and H&M came around that I started finding my own sense of style and cute clothing that I could actually afford! Several years later, instead of just a few good name brand items in my closet and not much else like I had in the past, my wardrobe is now filled with endless shoes and tons of fashionable clothing.

You may be wondering, if fashion isn't my passion then why did I start a fashion blog? Below are my top 5 reasons for doing so:

1. I always liked to write. Back in my elementary school days my favorite subject was English. If you ask my best friend Jackie, she can tell you that I always pictured myself growing up to do something with writing - whether it was an author, reporter, newscaster, or something else. As I grew older, I never pursued an education in writing and my life choices lead me in other directions. I never found of way to channel my dream while living the life I built. Blogging helps me to do this. Although I have to start getting back into the editorial part - it's been a while!

2. I absolutely love shoes. Most of my time online is spent looking at, talking about, and posting pictures of shoes. I frequent various Facebook pages and groups, such as Shoe Lovers United, JustFabulous, Sole Society - among others. However, my threads are lost amongst a sea of comments and pictures. I wanted to create my own, personal "scrapbook" of my shoes.

3. For a long time now I have been addicted to Bloglovin, where I found so many amazing blogs and incredible people. Some of the blogs I follow give me tons of inspiration for my own outfits, others give me great product reviews and tips, while others post impressive finds, deals, or promo codes, and many have awesome giveaways for their readers. All of these blogs contribute to my style and make me happy. I wouldn't have half of the items in my closet or know about half of the products, stores, brands, and events that I now know had it not been for all of the blogs out there. I want to be a part of that - I want to help other girls out there who are just like me!

4. I love my Sole Sisters! Over the past 2+ years I became extremely friendly with tons of girls I never even met - over time we grew to call each other Sole Sisters. I talk to many of these girls more than I talk to a lot of my good friends! Our love of shoes has created an amazing bond among us ladies and I would love to add more ladies to the mix. Blogging helps me network and reach tons of people that I never would have if they hadn't visited my blog.

5. I need a hobby! Although I am always, always, always busy.. I don't have any hobbies. If you are a blogger you already know that blogging takes up enormous amounts of your time, so in a way, it is the perfect choice for me because I don't need any others - I can commit to my busy work and personal life, my shoes, and my blog! Oh yeah and maybe my boyfriend too. ;)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change is Good

I am really happy that my friend Rosie from Our Sweet Addiction convinced me to switch over to Blogger. It didn't take much, she said it from the get go. When I started having serious commenting issues on the OnSugar site I thought about it constantly. Now here I am a little over a month later finally making the move! I used Blogger in the past and at the time it wasn't able to do all it does now. Thank you Google once again for making my life 100 times easier! I think I will be really happy here. :)

If you are following me on any reader or feed please make sure you are following my domain ( If you were following me with my OnSugar URL then you will have to switch it over to my domain. If you were already using my domain you will automatically be redirected.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Colorblocking - Bright Candy Colored Watches

You can work this seasons color block trend by adding bright accessories to your outfit. Inspired by the below pictures (as well as tons of other pics) I was determined to find a cute but affordable, bright colored watch.
Andy T. from Style Scrapbook's Pink Nikon Watch Andy T's pink Nikon. See her whole look via her blog Style Scrapbook here.

*I originally found this one at ASOS for $320.95. Very similar!

I found just what I was looking for at Target!  These Xhiliration brand watches are just $12.99!  I couldn't decide on color or style, so I purchased one of each style in three different colors.  They also come in white, green, yellow, purple and black.

Xhilaration Brand at Target       .Xhilaration Brand at Target       .Xhilaration Brand at Target

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Heart JustFabulous!

JustFabulous 100K Fan Contest

In celebration of hitting 100,000 fans on Facebook, JustFabulous held a contest on their Facebook page to win where 100 Facebook fans won a heart clutch. To enter, you simply had to go to the contest tab on their page and enter your name and which color clutch you prefer. I was one of the 100 who won! They hold plenty of contests, most of which are held or announced on Facebook, so if you are interested in entering future contests be sure to "like" JustFabulous on Facebook!

............ ......
......   ... ......

Many of you ladies inquired if JustFabulous would be selling this clutch, but they are not. For those of you who are still interested, I found it available for purchase (in silver, black, or red) for $29.95 at DSW.  It is the same brand, and therefore the same exact one that JustFabulous gave out.

I also found these look alikes:

$55.00 by Urban Expressions at eBags

$135.00 by Whiting & Davis at eBags

I know I said it already, but I will say it just one more time - THANK YOU JUST FABULOUS! :) It's the little things that make us ladies happy and keep us as loyal customers.