Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The scoop on shoe clubs!

The way shoe clubs work is genius... In short, there is no commitment to buy anything - EVER. On the 1st of every month stylists pick out shoes and handbags they think fit your style. Each item costs just $39.99 or $49.95 (depending which company) and many of these shoes can be found on other sites for double the price!

For a more detailed explanation... You start your account by taking a fashion quiz in which you choose outfits, designers, etc that are similar to your style and taste. The quizzes are quick and easy - just five or so questions in which they show you three pictures and you choose your favorite outfits, shoes, designers, and the like. Within 24 hours (you will get an e-mail) your selections will be ready. From your answers on the fashion quiz they choose six different shoe styles that they feel you would be interested in. Once you make your first purchase you are considered a member. The terms of your membership require you to either purchase an item or skip by the 5th of each month. There is no commitment to make a purchase - EVER! However these terms are extremely important because if you do not skip or purchase by the 5th you will get charged the price of an item ($39.99 or $49.95 depending which company). Please keep in mind that you do not lose out in any way if you are charged - you receive a credit in which you can use whenever you'd like.

You may be thinking that this sounds pretty complicated, but I assure you it is all very simple. There isn't much too it, but it is very wordy. There is no short way to explain it and have you fully understand how it works.  Everything that I've told you so far is the only imperative information.

I've been a member of shoe of the month clubs for quite some time now... and over time have become quite an addict! First there was only one - Shoedazzle, next came JustFabulous (A company that I LOVE! I will also post about JF shortly, but if you can't wait please use my link to sign up:, and now there is Sole Society (brought to you by Hautelook)! SS is $49.95 per month--just $10 more expensive than the other two but TOTALLY worth it--most of the shoes are made with real leather, real suede, etc (some are not but included in each item description is the kind of material - so you always know what you are getting). The styles are amazing. I think I am in LOVE with SS! 

Here is a sneak peak of my "closet".
If you like what you see so far, please use my link to sign up:

I will be doing individual posts on each of these companies over the next two weeks. These posts will include a review of each company as well as pictures of many of the shoes I purchased from them. I will include insider tips, promo codes, and more!


  1. FYI, not all shoes on SS are real leather, some are and some are not.

  2. wow! i am in Shoe Dazzle but im thinkin to cancel my account !!! im going to check SS those shoes areeee!! woww

  3. these are amazing...i never knew about these! thanks so much for the idea :)

  4. Yes both JF and SS are amazing!! You're welcome. :)


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