Thursday, March 31, 2011

JustFab's Cooper or Jimmy Choo?

The Cooper shoe from the W-3 collection by Just Fabulous is almost identical to Jimmy Choo's Polar Patent Leather Espadrilles.  

Get your espadrilles for $39.95 at JustFabulous ladies!

....Just another reminder that tomorrow is the first of the month which means that new styles will be added to your boutique at 12am PST.  JF always gives sneak-peaks of their new styles the week before they are released and there are already a few items I have my eyes on.  They have lots and lots of color this month!  If you haven't signed up for JustFabulous I urge you to do so!  There is no commitment to make a purchase if you sign up.  If you plan on signing up and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.

Perfect Pumps - Part 2

Most of you already know how much I love my snakeskin Kayla pumps.  You may also know that I ordered them in coral as well.  They arrived yesterday and I am in love once again.

This is my 4th pair of from Sole Society and I can honestly say that I cannot pick a favorite out of the ones I ordered.  I love them all equally.  They are all gorgeous and amazing quality!  SS hasn't let me down yet and truthfully I don't think they ever will.

I said it before and I'll say it again, coral is a hot color for this season as well as next.  You definitely need some coral in your closet - particularly coral pumps.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the first of the month which means new styles will be added to your closet at 12am PST.  I cannot wait to see what they have to offer.  If you haven't signed up for Sole Society I urge you to do so!  You are not required to enter credit card information until you make a purchase. 

If you plan on signing up and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, I suggest doing so before heading to their site.



Sweet Surprise

This morning I walked into my office to find a HUGE Hershey's Chocolate Bar waiting for me.  I love milk chocolate, so I was excited!  I put my phone on top of it so you could see how big it really is!

As you can see, I don't always get dressed up for work. I'm an office manager for a construction company, so no one really sees me while I'm at work because only three other people work at my location.\

Maybe I am just imagining things but I think it tastes better than the Hershey bars you buy at a regular candy store.  How long do you think it will take the few of us here at the office to eat it??

By the way, I haven't had a pair of Converse since I was about 12 years old but I just bought the pair of Chuck Taylor's that I am wearing in one of the above the photos.

$39.95 by Converse at DSW

Some of you may hate them, but I needed a cute pair of sneakers and I am sick of Nike and Reebok.  I absolutely love the studs!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Who You Know

Thanks to IFB I received this Juicy Couture Friends and Family coupon for 30% off (valid until 04.03.11). This coupon may be used online with promo code "WERFAMILY" or can be printed and used in-store.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Support Japan with Tory Burch for $29

Wear your support!
Tory Burch Japan Relief T-Shirt just $29 (FREE shipping!) at Rue La La.

100% of the net proceeds of every t-shirt sold will go to the American Red Cross to benefit the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief efforts.
Sign up for a free account at Rue La La here and stay up to date on all their private designer sales!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring and Summer Trend - Coral

Kayla in coral was the very first shoe from Sole Society that I had my eye on.  I hesitated on ordering her because I recently bought a very similar shoe.  However the very similar shoe is not Kayla.
In fact, the similar shoe is nothing compared to Kayla... so I finally gave in and ordered her.  Since I didn't wear the other pair yet I decided that I am going to sell it on eBay so I won't feel too bad about ordering my fourth shoe from SS in just two and a half weeks.
Hopefully she gets here quick.  Be sure to check back for photos.

In case you haven't heard coral is the color for this season (summer too).  Especially coral pumps.  Need confirmation?  Check here, here, here, and here.

Below are a few other great coral finds:
$55.00 at Topshop
$31.00$20.39 by Free People at Bluefly
$19.80 at Forever 21
$8.50$8.00 by OPI at

Summer Shopping

I'm sure that it is probably way too early to be bathing suit shopping. Especially when I think about the fact that it is going to snow 1"-3" here in New York City tomorrow. I guess I am trying to forget about the snow and instead dream about the warm weather that is on it's way! 

It may seem as if I am on quite a bit of an animal print kick lately, but the only animal print items that I owned before the snakeskin Kayla pumps were a wallet and hair clips...oh and a pair of wedges that I don't wear much because they are defective and from SD. The reason I am giving you all these details is because I don't want you to think I'm overdoing it! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Fabulous Snakeskin Peep-Toe Pump

Meet Parker from the JustFabulous W3 collection...

Parker is a neutral snakeskin peep-toe pump.
These pictures do not do Parker justice, be sure to check out one of the photos another JF member uploaded to the Facebook page.

I also snapped a quick picture at the Who What Wear event.

If you love these shoes or any other JustFabulous shoes you see on my blog please use my referral link to sign up:

Perfect Pumps!

I've wanted a pair of snakeskin pumps for a while now, but to be honest I didn't see any that I really liked. Until of course Sole Society came along...

Kayla has a 5-1/4" inch heel and a 1-1/4" platform. Don't let the fact that they are sky high scare you! The huge platform actually makes them easier to walk in.

These shoes are true to size.
Yet another pair of Sole Society shoes that I am absolutely in love with! 

Don't forget to use promo code SS10 for $10 off orders placed by 03.31.11.
If you're asking "how do shoe clubs work?" be sure to check out my post that explains it all (or most of it anyway).
If you haven't yet signed up for Sole Society and would like to, please sign up using my link



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Karla Booties from Sole Society

Sole Society's Karla booties by Marco Santi arrived the other day. Karla is an adorable ruffle polka-dot bootie. The material is fabric with a mesh underlay. They are comfortable, great quality, easy to put on, and easy to walk in.


 When I tried the shoe on for the first time, I noticed that my toes pretty close to the edge. I was contemplating on exchanging for a half size up because I was concerned that my feet may slide forward while wearing them. This would cause my toes to hang over the shoe - something we definitely do not want! I ultimately decided that the half size up would be too loose and that if my feet slide forward I could add inserts (which, by the way, I did not end up needing).

I decided to wear them out last night. I wasn't sure what to wear with them at first, but I figured since mixing prints is huge right now, why not experiment with it (although I honestly hate it). I was going to a very casual bar in NYC, so I opted for an extremely subtle striped shirt (I told you I am against mixing prints so of course I started small) and black jeans - a very casual outfit.

I wore Karla for about 6 hours, in which I was standing for the most part, and my feet didn't hurt one bit! And to my surprise my feet didn't slide up at all so no inserts needed.

Karla is another Sole Society shoe that I definitely recommend! You can use promo code SS10 for $10 off orders placed by 03.31.11. 

If you're asking "how do shoe clubs work?" be sure to check out my post that explains it all. If you haven't yet signed up for Sole Society and would like to, please sign up using my link.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoes and Jules on Facebook

Hello ladies! Would you be dolls and "like" the Shoes and Jules I created for my blog? It is important that I gain a certain number of likes so that I may access all of the features that the FB page has to offer!
Thank you it is very much appreciated! :)
Shoes N Jules on Facebook

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sole Society's Anouk arrived.. and I am in LOVE!

Yesterday I received my first pair of shoes from Sole Society. I'd have to say that I was impressed! The color is a beautiful Royal Blue (they come in Coral as well). They were perfectly packaged, of excellent quality, fit great, very comfortable, and easy to walk in. The shoes are Marco Santi which is a brand that is exclusive to Sole Society.

* Sorry about the photo quality. My camera acts up a lot lately, but I plan on purchasing a new one as soon as possible!
* * Also please excuse my chipped toe polish. I am in desperate need of a fresh pedicure but I know you ladies are dying to see pictures of her and I didn't want to let that delay me in posting photos.

I think they are so easy to walk in because they are so "secure" on your foot. There is a zipper in the back that goes up to your ankle but it doesn't come up too high where it would bother you. This is not only convenient but necessary to get in and out of the shoe. There is no issue with the zipper whatsoever.

The ankle opening is the PERFECT size for my ankle, however not everybody is going to have the same fit. I don't think anyone will have a problem with the shoes being too tight because there is a small piece of hidden elastic on either side of the ankle strap. 

Anouk is definitely a keeper. I absolutely LOVE them and I cannot wait to (FIRST get a pedicure! Then..) pick out an outfit and wear them!

If love these shoes or any other Sole Society shoes you see on this site please use my referral link to sign up. You are not required to enter credit card information until you make a purchase. If you plan on signing up and you have not yet read my post about how shoe clubs work, please so do before heading to their site.